The new beauty buzz is Korean skincare. Koreans harnessed the secret to youthful glowing skin. They‘ve crafted a lengthy skincare regimen that is incorporates natural ingredients from the earth, and lack harsh chemicals. The secret lies within the many steps.

The first part of the regimen is cleansing. This step requires the use of two different cleaners. The first is an oil-based cleanser to remove oil based makeup and debris. Oil cleansers are beneficial because water is repelled by oil, and it would require much more scrubbing to remove impurities with a water-based cleanser. Armotatic Natural Coconut Cleanser is a very good option. Following the oil-based cleanser, a water-based cleaner is than used to remove and remaining residue. Aromatica Tea Tree Balancing Foaming Cleanser is a great option for a water-based cleanser because Tea Tree is a natural ingredient with antiseptic and antifungal properties. Using products with tea tree extracts is for those who deal with acne. A gentle exfoliator can be incorporated after cleansing 2-3 times a week to remove any dead skin cells and give a brighter appearance to the skin. Volition Beauty Turmeric Brightening Polish is a gentle exfoliator that harnesses the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of Turmeric to reduce acne and fade scares.

Afterwards apply a toner to minimize the look of pores and balance the pH of your skin. This step is useful because after cleansing your skin, your face becomes more alkaline, which makes your face susceptible to inflammation. Using a toner will also make your skin better absorb the serums and creams that will follow. Some toners can be harsh and dry out your skin, so make sure to pick a toner that suits your skin type. There will be another article discussing toners for skin types and product recommendations.

Next use an essence, which is a bit more fluid than serums. It’s main purpose is to moisturize and plump up the skin to help absorb the serum. May Coop Raw Sauce Essence is a good option for all skin types because it’s gentle and packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients to fight free-radical damage.

Then apply serum. Serums are more concentrated than essences due to their active ingredients that target specific skin concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines, dullness or dehydration. This is where you can truly customize your regimen to meet your needs. Another article is written discussing serums for different skin types and product recommendations.

Single use sheet mask can be incorporated after serums if needed. Like serums, sheet masks target different concerns and help prevent the serums from evaporating off the skin. Masks are not required everyday. If skipping the mask, you can now begin to massage the face with an eye cream and moisturizer. Moisturizers will lock in the serum previously applied as well. Take note that the moisturizer you use on the face should not be applied to the delicate eye area. A separate eye cream is required as discussed in the previous article Cream Commandments. The last step is to apply a sunscreen every morning to ensure you have SPF. UV damage from the sun causes skin damage, including wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. I recommend getting SPF 30 or higher. Many makeup  products incorporate SPF into their foundations, powders and tinted moistures.


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